Monday, October 17, 2011

Week ending 10/15/11 51 miles

Sunday:  Chicago Marathon.   1.5 wu, 18 miles of hard running (15 miles of 5:18 pace, 2 miles of 5:30 pace, 1 
               mile of 6:00 pace), 2.5 wd... 1.5 miles later to/from ticket office for Architecture Tour

Monday:  Day Off

Tuesday:  Easy 5 miles (34:19), avgHR 131

Wednesday:  Easy 7 miles (46:32), 6:38pace, avHR 134

Thursday:  Easy 5 miles (34:41), avHR 129

Friday:  Incline workout   5 miles (60min)... 1st mile 15%grade-15:20(HR122), 2ndMile 15%-13:49HR141,
            3rdMile 15%-13:40HR148, .5Mile 15%-6:55HR151, 1.5 miles 0%-10:11avHR147

Saturday:  Incline workout  6miles (62:19)...1st mile 16:55(15%)hr121, 2nd Mile 15:53(15%)hr133
               3rdMile 7:25(4%)hr130, 4thMile 7:28(4%)hr125, 5thMile 7:18(4%)136, 6thMile 7:19(4%)hr137

not bad for a week after a marathon, but I did only run 18 miles of it.   nice decompression week (gained 8 pounds up to 146lbs)... HR funny during evening runs after dinners - my body doesn't like running on full.
miles for year: 3034 (268/290 days)

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