Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week ending 10/8/11 39 Miles - Pre-Chicago Marathon

Sunday:      REST DAY.   First one in a long time.   Felt good to take a day off.

Monday:     10 miles out/back on chester creek (64 min)  2miles of strides on treadmill afterwards

Tuesday:      easy 5 miles on Mini Treadmill w/ Strides (33:43min), avgHR 130

Wednesday:   8 miles w/ 2 at marathon pace (53min), avgHR 120

                     First day I've felt really good in a while... HRs low.  Resting HR 36 today.

Thursday:  In Chicago.  Easy 5.6 miles w/Monica (40:22) avg HR 111.... did 4 strides

Friday:     In Chicago.   Easy 3.1 miles (24min)  avg HR 115.   massage from Katie

Saturday:   Easy 5.6 miles (42min) w/ 4 strides.  lower legs tight.   avg HR 117

nice, restive, recovery week.   did great job staying off of my feet, hydrating, and resting.   

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