Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week ending 9/24/11 77 Miles (Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon)

Sunday 9/18/11   Philadelphia Half Marathon.   1:08:11
                           Perfect Temp… mild winds up to 13-14mph
mile 1    4:58       felt relaxed, but fast
mile 2    5:05       settled in… let the massive group get away
mile 3    5:09       trying to find rhythm… running solo or maybe with 1 other guy
mile 4    5:06       top ladies caught up… got in a better groove
mile 5    5:04       hanging with ladies (+10 other guys!)
mile 6    5:11       fell away from group (quads tying up.. flooding with lactate…)
mile 7    5:12       slowly melted off off group
mile 8    5:16.5   struggling
mile 9    5:25       really struggled
mile 10  5:15       downhill mile, started to feel better
mile 11  5:10       got in a good groove, trying to embrace “the suck”, which it did
mile 12  5:15       still fighting
mile 13  5:24.5    got my ass kicked… legs ran out of juice.  heart rate too high; not my day.
last .1      :35

today was a 7 out of 10.   I wanted to run a full 90 seconds faster, but i’m proud of the way i continued to fight.  heart was funny.. would have been interesting to see a monitor (but i hate wearing those during races)   felt ok on warmdown.   
i still feel really good about my upcoming run in Chicago.  Truth be told, I haven’t felt great since Lost Lake.  Lost Lake is the sort of race that can take it out of you:  seeing as how i hammered the last 3 miles of the downhill there so hard, there’s probably a correlation betweeen SORE QUADS during the race and how they felt today.  Katie remarked how stiff and inflexible they were too.  Gotta iron out the wrinkles.

Monday:       In Anchorage.   Easy 7 miles.  out/back on Chester Creek (46:14)  avgHR 135

Tuesday:      Easy 14.1 miles.  out/back chester creek (91min)  avgHR 131  6:55-6:12 pace

Wednesday:    Easy 10 miles.   chester creek   (65min)  avg HR 131  pace: 7:00-6:14 pace

Thursday:     12 miles w/ 8 miles of progression.  2 miles warmup (2nd mile with strides from 11.1 mph to 11.7 mph)
                        mile 1 5:24 (HR151) - mile 2 5:22 - mile 3 5:21 (HR 153) - mile 4 5:21 (HR 156)
                        mile 5 5:18 (HR 160) - mile 6 5:16 (HR 164) - mile 7 5:12 (HR 167) - mile 8 5:10 (HR 169) 

                        1:10:35  felt good.

Friday:      easy 6 miles (41:14), avg HR 127

Saturday:   In Boston.   Easy 8.1 miles along Charles River (57:15) avgHR124

Good week.  Went light on the workouts to try to recover from Phili.   Had a 3x2mi Tempo workout planned for Thursday, but progression run just seemed like a better run for me to do.   (felt good too).    Still a little worn down.  Looking forward to some recovery weeks.

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